CEO Greeting

Thank you for visiting the InkTec Homepage.

InkTec has been growing with the management philosophy of ‘Respect for man’s life and dignity,’ meaning we believe that the foundation of any corporation is the respect for people. We view our partners and employees as our family, and we concentrate on accomplishing our business vision with respect and enthusiasm.

I think that a major role of a CEO is creating an environment in which the corporation and each employee can realize our vision collectively. I have encouraged our employees not to fear any failure, and I have done my best to prepare our company for the future.

Now, InkTec is poised to leap toward a new future to achieve our vision of success,which is based on years of experience.

The future of the market will be more accelerated globalization, and the elements of the business environment, such as high oil prices, the exchange rate, and competition, will become even more intense. But we are a powerful company, and we have demonstrated our strength in crises. Through rigorous development and the production of superior quality products, we have made an effort to stay ahead of the competition, despite the challenging business environment. InkTec promises that we will position ourselves as a world-class leading provider of printer supplies and IT/ Electronic accessories industries.

I deeply appreciate your interest in InkTec.