DTF Inks

DTF inks

DTF inks with exceptional performance even on high speed printing lines. In its development, aspects such as the texture of the print on the fabric, the ink transfer capacity, the retention of polyamide powder or its resistance to washing have been taken into account. The end result is a DTF ink that helps improve profitability on the production line while satisfying customer requirements such as garment feel, print durability, or design color.

Inks for DTF (Direct To Film) printing technology available in 1 Liter Bottle formats

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DTF (Direct To Film) ink for all modified desktop DTF printers

Specially researched and developed for superior performance on DTF printers with Epson i3200 heads. An exceptional and proven formula that creates elastic prints with brilliant, sharp colors in small or large scale production of promotional items.

These DTF inks are the new generation of water-based inks for printing on film that have come to change the rules in the world of transfer printing. It is an exciting new way of decorating fabrics that does not require pre-treatment. Instead, once heat cured, the graphic is ready for immediate use or to be stored for when you are ready to use it.

What are the advantages of DTF ink?

This new printing technology is gaining a lot of prominence for a variety of reasons, including

  • Flexibility of the final graphic on the promotional item or garment
  • The freedom it gives to print on almost all possible fabrics, be it cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fabrics, eco-leather, etc.
  • Its adaptability to work with both dark and light fabrics
  • Does not require prior treatment
  • DTF printers are easy to learn, use and manage
  • Better print quality, even in high-productivity situations
  • After printing, the fabric has a long-lasting wash fastness

It is ideal for work clothes, especially when used in combination with special supports and powder. This is because it does not crack like traditional screen printed garments and it has a soft, malleable and flexible texture due to the water base used. Therefore, it can be used for a wide variety of garments, such as gym wear, coveralls, high visibility garments and cycling gear.

What is the DTF process?

  • Design – Create your design using your preferred design software (ie photoshop, illustrator, etc.).
  • RIP – If you are going to print white over color, you will need to use a RIP.
  • Print – Print your design on the coated PET film of your choice.
  • Apply – Apply the powder adhesive evenly on the printed film. If using manually, shake off excess or if using a powder shaker follow the instructions on the unit.
  • Bake – Melt the adhesive onto the film using a heat press, oven, or hot stirring unit. Make sure that the heat is uniform at a temperature of 160ºC.
  • Press – Heat press your design onto the substrate. Applicable on cotton, polyester, leather, cardboard and other flat, rough and rigid materials.

These DTF inks are a reliable and affordable alternative, while creating finished transfers that are extensible and durable with an incredible feel and vibrant colours.