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B1100-100MCOn RequestCyan249.00
B1100-20LCCyan 20L8,999.00

B1100 CYAN ink bottle for Brother printers, specially formulated for use in both refillable cartridges and Continuous Feed Systems (CISS) and in printers with the Brother “InkBenefit Tank” system

NOTE: do not mix inks, clean devices before changing ink.


Dye ink / Dye ink
Color: CIAN / CYAN Presentation
formats: 100ml / 1L / 20L of ink

Compatible with Brother cartridges:

Brother LC1100C/ LC980C/ LC67C/ LC65C/
Brother LC61C/ LC38C
Brother LC65HYC/ LC1100HYC
Brother LC39C/ LC985C
Brother LC970 / LC1000 Brother
LC12C/ LC17C/ LC71C/ LC73C/ LC75C/ LC77C/ LC79C/ LC400C/ LC450C/ LC1220C/ LC1240C/ LC1280C
Brother LC101C/ LC103C/ LC105C/ LC121C/ LC123C/ LC125XLC/ LC133C/ LC135XLC/ LC525XLC/ LC535XLC/ LC563C/ LC565XLC
Brother LC223/LC225XL

Compatible with ink:

Brother BT5000C / BT5001C

Compatible with printers:

Brother DCP-T300 / DCP-T500W / DCP-T520W / DCP-T700W
Brother MFC T800W

Brother DCP-145C/ DCP-165C/ DCP-185C/ DCP-195C/ DCP-197C/ DCP-365CN/ DCP-375CW/ DCP-385C/ DCP-395CN/ DCP-535CN/ DCP-585CW/ DCP-6690CW
Brother DCP -J100/ DCP-J105/ DCP-J125/ DCP-J132W/ DCP-J140W/ DCP-J152W/ DCP-J172W/ DCP-J315W/ DCP-J515W/ DCP-J552DW/ DCP-J715W/ DCP-J752DW/ DCP-J4110DW

Brother MFC-250C/ MFC-255CW/ MFC-257CW/ MFC-290C/ MFC-295CN/ MFC-490CN/ MFC-490CW/ MFC-495CW/ MFC-670CD/ MFC-670CDW/ MFC-790CW/ MFC-795CW/ MFC -930CDN/ MFC-930CDWN/ MFC-990CW
Brother MFC-5490CN/ MFC-5890CN/ MFC-5895CW/ MFC-6490CN/ MFC-6490CW/ MFC-6890CDW

Brother MFC-J200/ MFC-J220/ MFC-J245/ MFC-J265W/ MFC-J270W/ MFC-J410/ MFC-J410W/ MFC-J415W/ MFC-J430W/ MFC-J432W/ MFC-J450DW/ MFC-J525W
Brother MFC -J615W/ MFC-J625DW/ MFC-J630W/ MFC-J650DW/ MFC-J725DW/ MFC-J825DW/ MFC-J870DW/ MFC-J875DW/ MFC-J925DW
Brother MFC-J4310DW/ MFC-J4410DW/ MFC-J4510DW/ MFC-J4610DW / MFC-J4710DW/ MFC-J5910DW/ MFC-J6510DW/ MFC-J6520DW/ MFC-J6710DW/ MFC-J6710CDW/ MFC-J6720DW/ MFC-J6910DW/ MFC-J6910CDW/ MFC-J6920DW

Brother MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J880DW, MFC-J5720DW, MFC-J480DW, MFC-J5320DW, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J5620DW
Brother DCP-J4120DW, DCP-J562DW

Brother MFC235C, DCP135C, DCP150C, DCP330C, DCP350C, DCP540CN,
, DCP750CW, DCP770CW


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