Profeel dye ink by Inktec Co., Ltd. is the best choice on the market when it comes to quality, reliability, durability and compatibility. Our inks are manufactured with the latest technology, using the best raw materials. Due to the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of our inks, the best adhesion to the paper, exceptional brightness, in addition to real, vibrant and vivid colors are obtained. Our inks also contain agents and lubricants that help the life of cartridges and heads.

SPECIFIC FOR  L800/ L801/ L805/ L810/ L850/ L1800 PRINTERS

COMPATIBLE WITH  L-Series/ EcoFit/ EcoTank/ Expression/ Stylus Photo PRINTERS


Dye ink works by dyeing the fibers of the paper and therefore produces vibrant colors, is currently used as the standard ink for the vast majority of inkjet printers and is ideal for all types of paper.

Due to its high technology, it is the ink that generates fewer print head clogging problems compared to other brands. Dye ink does not need any kind of special care or constant maintenance on the equipment, in addition to having a lower cost. For all these reasons dye ink is typically used for casual prints and general home use.

This ink is widely used for printing photographs, because inside an album it will resist time, but on the fridge door, in a few weeks it will be faded. Dye ink is not UV resistant and fades in air.

Remember that even though Profeel inks are up to 99% compatible with the original inks we are talking about a parallel ink, it may have limitations when compared to an original ink.


Profeel is the ink brand of InkTec Co., Ltd, developed for inkjet printers in dye and pigment versions, available in up to six colors. Care must be taken not to confuse the original inks of Inktec Co., Ltd., with similar ones found in the national market. Genuine inks from Inktec Co., Ltd., Korea (Desktop Line) are only available under the Profeel brand and embossed with the Inktec name on the label. Any and all offers of Inktec inks in bottles, labels or names other than those shown here cannot be considered genuine products of Inktec Co., Ltd.



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