Ink cleaning solution for desktop inkjet printers, both thermal and piezoelectric (HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark,…), available in 100ml and 1 liter bottles


Due to its qualities, it is ideal for dissolving and cleaning residues or ink stains of water-based inks: dyes, pigments or sublimation
Prepared for: Thermal inkjet print heads (HP, Lexmark, Canon…) and piezo (Epson, Brother ..)
Presentation: 1 liter bottle, 100ml bottle


Cartridge recovery: It can be used to unblock a cartridge that does not print due to dry ink problems in its nozzles. To do this, a small amount of liquid must be placed in a container, placing the cartridge injectors on it. After letting the cartridge rest for 2 to 12 hours, we will try to clean the heads in the machine so that it finishes eliminating the ink residues.

Cleaning of machinery: As is normal, printers tend to stain ink with use. With the help of cotton swabs and rags, traces of ink are easily removed.

General cleaning: It can be used to clean ink stains on melamine furniture and tables. Sometimes it happens that a printer overflows ink and stains the furniture, in this case it is best to use the cleaning liquid directly with a cloth or paper without trying to use another multipurpose product beforehand, since the latter could leave a mark.



Ink Type

cleaning fluid

presentation format

100ml bottle, 1L bottle




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