This PACK of 4 100ml bottles of SubliNova Smart sublimation ink contains a 100ml bottle of each of the following inks:

  • DTI01-100MB BLACK
  • DTI02-100MC CYAN
  • DTI04-100MY YELLOW

100ml bottles of sublimation ink for Epson A3 and A4
inkjet printers SubliNova Smart ink can be used both in direct printing and with transfer paper for sublimation .

This InkTec DTI ink must be used with Continuous Feed Systems (CISS) or in refillable cartridges. These can be specific to the machine as in the Epson EcoTank or added later.
To facilitate the introduction of ink into the tanks, you can use the adapter caps:

SubliNova Smart ink flows without clogging the heads because the dispersion and size of its particles is less than 100nm (0.1um) and its high-quality dyes also keep colors intact in extreme conditions. Our DTI inks enable high quality prints to be achieved in any printing environment.

In desktop printers we recommend using InkTec sublimation paper in A3 and A4

Main features:

  • For use in Epson inkjet printers (piezoelectric heads)
  • For use on plotters with Epson DX4 and DX5 heads
  • For direct printing and also on transfer paper
  • Fast drying on thermal transfer paper
  • High performance
  • Perfect adherence on curved surfaces
  • Intense and bright colors
  • High resistance to light
  • Environmentally friendly: free of formaldehyde and volatile compounds, complying with ROHS standard


  • Interior decoration
  • Advertising/promotional products
  • Flags
  • Sportswear and clothing in general

Transfer conditions:

The SubliNova Smart ink transfer time is 30 to 60 seconds and at a temperature of 180̊C to 210̊C depending on the substrate.

SubliNova Smart ink resistance properties table:


Fast drying of SubliNova Smart ink:



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