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E0010-100MCOn RequestCyan 100ml249.00
E0010-01LCAvailable Immediate shippingCyan599.00
E0010-20LCAvailable Immediate shippingCyan 20L8,999.00

E0010 High quality CYAN ink bottle for Epson printers

* consult compatibility

Specially formulated ink for use in Epson EcoTank printers, refillable cartridges and Continuous Feed Systems (CISS)
Can also be used in Epson Discproducer printers

We recommend the use of special caps that you will find below to facilitate the introduction of ink into the tanks:

Caps for Ecotank printers
100ml caps for CISS
1 liter caps for CISS

NOTE: do not mix inks from different manufacturers, it is recommended to clean the devices before changing the ink.


Colour: Cyan / Cyan / Ciano
Colorant Ink / Dye ink
Presentation formats: 100ml / 1L / 20L of ink

Compatible with Epson cartridges:

Epson T0772##, T0782##, T0792##, T0802##
Epson T0812##, T0822##, T0852##
Epson T0812N##, T0822N##
Epson T6642/ T6722
Epson T6762/ T6772/ T6782
Epson T7012/ T7022 / T7032/ T7112
Epson T1702/ T1712/ T1762/ T1772/ T1802/ T1812
Epson PJIC1 (C)
Epson 29, 29xl
Epson 502, 502xl
Epson 603, 603xl

Compatible with Epson ink bottles:

Epson ink 101 cyan
Epson ink 102 cyan
Epson ink 103 cyan
Epson ink 104 cyan
Epson ink 504 cyan
Epson ink 664 cyan
Epson ink T00V cyan


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