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C5000-100MYOn RequestYellow 100ml249.00
C5000-20LYYellow 20L8,999.00

C5000 YELLOW PIGMENTED ink for Canon Maxify MB, Maxify IB and Maxify GX printers
High quality pigmented ink specially formulated to be compatible with Canon PGI-1200/1300/1400/ 1500 /1600/2200/2300/2400/ 2500 /2600 cartridges /2700/2800/2900 and with Canon GI56 ink
**Consult compatibility


Pigment ink / Pigment ink
Presentation formats: 100ml / 1L / 20L of ink

Compatible with cartridges:
  • Canon PGI-1200/1200xl
  • Canon PGI-1300/1300xl
  • Canon PGI-1400/1400xl
  • Canon PGI-1500xl
  • Canon PGI-1600/1600xl
  • Canon PGI-2200/2200xl
  • Canon PGI-2300/2300xl
  • Canon PGI-2400/2400xl
  • Canon PGI-2500xl
  • Canon PGI-2600/2600xl
  • Canon PGI-2700/2700xl
  • Canon PGI-2800/2800xl
  • Canon PGI-2900/2900xl
Compatible with Canon ink:
  • Canon GI-56Y
Compatible with printers:

Canon MAXIFY MB2020/ MB2320/ MB5020/ MB5320
Canon MAXIFY MB2030/ MB2330/ MB5030/ MB5330
Canon MAXIFY MB2040/ MB2140/ MB2340/ MB2740/ MB5040/ MB5140/ MB5340/ MB5440
Canon MAXIFY MB2050/ MB2350/ MB5050/ MB5350
Canon MAXIFY MB2150/ MB2155/ MB2350/ MB2750/ MB2755/ MB5150/ MB5155/ MB5450/ MB5455
Canon MAXIFY MB2060/ MB2360/ MB5060/ MB5360
Canon MAXIFY MB5070/ MB5370/ MB5080
Canon MAXIFY MB2390/ MB5090/ MB5190/ MB5390/ MB5490

Canon MAXIFY iB4020/ iB4030/ iB4040/ iB4050/ iB4060/ iB4070/ iB4080/ iB4090 / iB4150/ iB4190

Canon MAXIFY GX5050/ GX6050/ GX7050


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