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SE-B01KWWhite, 1L bottle White3,999.00
SE-B01KBBlack , 1L bottleBlack3,499.00
SE-B01KCCyan, 1L bottleCyan3,499.00
SE-B01KMMagenta, 1L bottleMagenta3,499.00
SE-B01KYYellow, 1L bottleYellow3,499.00
SE-B01KLCOn RequestLight Cyan3,499.00
SE-B01KLMOn RequestLight Magenta3,499.00

1 liter bottles of flexible UV ink for UV LED printers with Epson printheads.
InkTec’s UvioNova SE inks have been formulated to work perfectly with Epson UV Led printer heads, especially DX4, DX5, DX7, i3200 and XP600 heads.


Flexible UV inks especially indicated for exterior and interior applications due to their great resistance to light and UV rays.

Available in 7 colors:
BK (Black), C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), LC (Light Cyan), LM (Light Magenta), WH (White)

Main advantages of UvioNova ink:

  • Superior quality ink for UV machines
  • UV LED inks for machines with Epson DX4, DX5, DX7, i3200 and XP600 printheads
  • Flexible UV ink that provides a smooth finish
  • Wider color gamut with higher density and high white opacity for exceptional quality prints
  • Inks provide superior print stability, with bright, vibrant colors and excellent adhesion to media
  • Fast curing UV ink that provides high performance in production
  • Ideal inks for exterior and interior applications thanks to its resistance to light and UV rays
  • UV inks with high resistance to rubbing

Compatible with UV LED printers and plotters with Epson heads:

  • Epson DX4
  • Epson DX5
  • Epson DX7
  • Epson i3200
  • Epson XP600


Ink Type


Available colours

K (Black), C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), LC (Light Cyan), LM (Light Magenta), WH (White)

presentation format

1L bottle




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