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FK170-B01LW120White,1L bottleWhite3,999.00
FK170-B01LB120Black, 1L bottleBlack3,499.00
FK170-B01LC120Cyan, 1L bottleCyan3,499.00
FK170-B01LM120Magenta, 1L bottleMagenta3,499.00
FK170-B01LY120Yellow, 1L bottleYellow3,499.00
FK170-B01LLC120On RequestLight Cyan3,499.00
FK170-B01LLM120On RequestLight Magenta3,499.00
  • Alternative UV inks and fully compatible with LUS120 inks.
  • For Mimaki UCJV150, UCJV300, JFX500, JFX600, SIJ-320UV, UJF-3042, UJF-7151 and UJV55 plotters.
  • It includes a chip and is fully interchangeable with Mimaki LUS120 ink, without the need for cleaning or new color profiles.
  • Improved white ink that reduces yellowing compared to OEM ink.
  • Available in 7 colors:
    BK (Black), C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), LC (Light Cyan), LM (Light Magenta), WH (White)

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