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FM170-B01LWWhite , 1L bottleWhite3,999.00
FM170-B01LBBlack, 1LBlack3,499.00
FM170-B01LCCyan, 1L bottleCyan3,499.00
FM170-B01LMMagenta, 1L bottleMagenta3,800.00
FM170-B01LYYellow, 1L bottleYellow3,499.00
FM170-B01LLCOn RequestLight Cyan3,499.00
FM170-B01LLMOn RequestLight Magenta3,499.00

Compatible Head for (FM) ink Ricoh Gen5, 6 Konica 1024i MHE Konica 1024a SHE High-performance UV inks for wide-format UV printer The UvioNova series is InkTec’s latest innovative range of UV inks, which has been developed based on years of extensive experience in dispersion technology, chemistry and color management. It has been specifically created to be used across various applications utilizing the many differentiated characteristics required for UV inks, such as vivid color and superior adhesion to various materials. InkTec’s continuous R&D investment, thorough manufacturing process and strict quality control wil ensure that UvioNova will consistently deliver.

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